Asatru Alliance AlThing 38

Here you will find information to help you to prepare for the Asatru Alliance Althing of 2268 RE (2018). Early site registration and signup information is also available.

The kindreds of Arizona and The Asatru Alliance Inc. Proudly announce plans for AlThing 38. This historic gathering of Odinn�s Nation is open to members and supporters of the Asatru Alliance. Come join us in celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Asatru Alliance.


From September/Harvest 26th through the 30th 2268 Runic Era.


At a reserved group site near Payson, Arizona. This site has been used for numerous AlThings in the past.


By reservation only. Advance payment schedule: $70 per individual and $85 per family. At the gate: $80 per individual and $95 per family. Your admission fee includes 8 meals and on-site lodging fees. Discounts will be given to those who do not attend all 5 days.


We will conduct a Formal Thing where delegates of Alliance Kindreds freely discuss issues pertaining to the Asatru Community. All issues will be discussed in the spirit of tribal unity.


A Tyr Blot will officially open the AlThing on Thorrsday afternoon. Thorrsday night Formal Sumbel. A Blessing of Steel during the Tyr Blot. A Satyrsday Odinn Blot. Ceremonies of the Folk.


Every night. A Formal Feast of traditional proportions on Satyrsday night. A hot breakfast will be served every morning. The famous Spam breakfast on Sunnasday morning.


The 34th Annual Viking Games, events for all ages and prizes for all contestants.


Will be presented by various Guilds and others of the Community.


The 34th Annual Mead Brewers Competition will be conducted by the Brewers Guild. All mead brewers are invited to participate. more information (including pre-registration!) coming soon!


A market for Asatru artists and vendors. An auction to benefit the Alliance General Fund. A raffle to benefit the World Tree Outreach Ministry and the Hearth & Home Fund (benefitting Asatruar in emergency need). Events for the AsaKids.

Downloadable registration packets:

AlThing 38 Registration Packet PDF

Online registration is now closed. Member kindreds may pay your fees at the gate, price IS HIGHER for at the gate registration (see packet).