Preamble to the By-Laws of the Asatru Alliance

The Asatru Alliance promotes the native culture of the Northern European peoples. However, we do not practice, preach, or promote hatred, bigotry, or racism. We believe that Northern Europeans can believe and promote their own culture and heritage in a positive manner, this is expressed through our native religion. Asatru.

We do not promote or condone activities of the left or right within our religion , any manifestations of political activity is outlawed by the By Laws of the Asatru Alliance.

Simply speaking, we have banded to actively promote the ancient culture and religion of Asatru, as practiced by our ancient Northern Eoropean Ancestors, that, and nothing more.

By-Laws of the Asatru Alliance

As approved by Althing,September 21st. 2263 Runic Era

1. Asatru is the ethnic religion of the indigenous Northern European peoples.
2. The Asatru Alliance is a free association of Independent kindreds seeking to preserve and protect the ancient faith of our ancestors.
3. The Asatru Alliance is organized along tribal democratic lines, permitting the full expression of our religious opinions, opting for the sanctity of our Asatru faith.
4. The Asatru Alliance does not espouse a priest class. Each kindred is free to determine its own spiritual and tribal needs.
5. The Asatru Alliance will promote the growth of Asatru through the sponsoring of national and regional Things and Moots. We will also publish magazines and books as needed to achieve our goals.
6. A Thing Speaker will be chosen for ALThing by the host kindred(s). The Thing Speaker may convene the Thing as needed. AlThing Delegates of Record shall serve as a standing legislative body with full authority of the Thing until the commencement of the next AlThing. The Thing Speaker or any Delegate of Record can call for a caucus of delegates for suitable cause.

7. The Thing/Law Body has absolute authority in dealing with By Laws or other issues of the Asatru Alliance.


1. The Asatru Alliance will promote the establishment and growth of kindreds.
2. The Asatru Alliance will not interfere with the functions of kindreds unless petitioned by a majority of members of said kindred for aid.
3. Kindreds are free to apply for membership in the Alliance, or leave the Alliance, as voted upon by a majority of the subject kindred membership.
4. A kindred shall consist of at least 3 adult members and meet on a regular basis.
5. Each kindred is expected to send a delegate to the ALThing each year. No attendance, no vote. Kindreds may address the Thing by proxy.

6. Any kindred can be removed for cause by the Alliance by the majority vote of the Thing delegates after a fair hearing.


1. Any member of an Alliance kindred is a member of the Alliance.
2. Three or more individuals of the Asatru community can band together and form a kindred and apply for membership in the Alliance.

3. The Board of Directors of the Asatru Alliance shall be responsible for the screening of new kindreds. There are three levels of membership in the Alliance. Formational, Probational, and Full Voting Kindreds. Formational kindreds must send a delegate to the Thing to petition for Probational Kindred status. Probational Kindreds must attend a future AlThing and petition the Thing to attain Full Kindred status.


1. These By-Laws are to be approved or amended at each Althing.