Welcome to the Asatru Alliance.

Asatru, which means " belief in the gods " in Old Norse.

As Asatruar, we are committed seekers of Truth. That journey is always in motion and naturally includes junctures at which we must reevaluate our understanding and revise our stated beliefs according to new levels of understanding. In that spirit, we are revising the content of some statements on this website. We anticipate that process to be brief and thank you for your patience.

NEW Alliance statement on the question of Race online here or download PDF here

The Asatru Alliance is a family oriented association of independent kindreds that practice a faith that originates before Christianity.

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Long before Christianity came to northern Europe, the people there - our ancestors - had their own religions. One of these was Asatru.

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This Asatru Calendar has been prepared to aid members of the Asatru Faith properly schedule Feast Days and days of mandatory ritual observance.

The old norse word "Gothar" is the plural form of Gothi or Gythia. The Gothar are the collective priesthood of the Asatru Community.

The Asatru Alliance is an association of independant Kindreds, who agree to abide by the bylaws set forth at the annual governing council, the AlThing.

The Havamal and The Voluspa offer a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors, and Our Faith:

There are many ancient skills that the modern Asatruar can still make good use of today.

Guilds are traditional groups of craftspeople who aid and support each other in preserving these traditional skills

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The Runes

The Runes, Odin's Gift, go back when time began...


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