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Rune Shield Plaque with Freya's Knot
Crafted from solid oak and hand engraved, this tribute to Freya is meant to adorn your altar or can be mounted on your Hof wall.  Measures 8" in diameter.
Natural Oak Oathring
Handcrafted from solid oak, and pyrograved with runic inscriptions "as witnessed by the High Holy Ones of Asgard - so shall it be"
6" diameter, natural oak ​color and fine finish
Runic Era Calendar
Celebrate the turning of the year with our own Asatru calendar. The Runic Era calendar contains a wealth of information for the Asatruar - feast/bot dates, days of remembrance for our heroes, our weekday names, our names for the months, and much more. This calendar features different original Asatru art for each month
Solid bronze oathring
Bronze, with sunwheel engraving
Full sized Altar Cloth
Measures 3' x4' white nylon cloth with black silk screened image of sunburst and raven in flight. Reinforced seams with grommets on end.
Odin Lives Bumper Sticker
Features black ravens in flight with ODIN LIVES printed in bold red letters on a quality white vinyl bumper sticker. Sure to please.
Out of Stock
Posters of the Gods and Goddesses
These are high quality color prints of Odin, Thor, Freyr, Tyr, Frigga, Freya, Ostara, and Skadi. 8" x11" in size
Sold as a set ​
Viking ship coin (A119)
museum reproduction
Deluxe Mead Horn
Premium grade horn, hand sanded/finished: Outside polished to a warm glow and inside coated with natural beeswax. 2 sizes to choose from starting from $25 USD
Mead Horn Cups
2 sizes: 3" and 5"
flat bottomed, finished inside with natural beeswax.  Perfect for kids!
Ritual Thorrshammer
Handcrafted in solid oak, measures about 5 inches x 5 inches, natural oak color and finish.
Heathen made.
6 inch Bowli

Handcrafted oak blessing bowl, 6 inches in diameter, engraved with the Elder Futhark. Natural Oak color and hand finished.
Heathen made.

4 inch Bowli
4 inch handcrafted oak blessing bowl, carved from Oak and engraved with the Elder Futhark.
Heathen Made

Runic Flash Cards
Learn the elder futhark with these instructional flash cards. Printed with bold runic symbols on the front with a description of the rune on the back along with proper pronunciation and the runic concept. Printed on white card stock. Not plastic laminated.
Small Altar Cloth
Quality, white cotton-blend cloth with sunwheel, Othal rune, and traditional knotwork silk screened in blazing red.  This cloth is the size of a standard bandana, and is suitable for use as a small altar/stalli cloth, or may be folded and worn as a headband.
Mead Horn Stand
Crafted of solid oak and meant to hold a medium to large deluxe mead horn.  Measures 12" x 4" at the base, and 5" tall.  Natural oak color and fine finish.  Heathen Made.  (horn shown not included)
Rune Sets
The 24 rune elder futhark engraved by a gothin in ash wood tiles. About 1" in diameter. Set includes runes, velvet 3"x 5" carrying pouch with instruction booklet.
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