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Eyrbyggia Saga
Palsson translation, Penguin Classics softcover, 179 pages. One of the finest existing sagas for its' descriptions of pre-Christian Icelandic customs and practices. This saga relates tales of many heroic deeds, and the men and women who shaped the Icelandic sagascape.
Our Fathers' Godsaga: Retold for the Young
Victory Ryberg, iuniverse softcover, 224 pages. An epic introduction to Norse mythology written by one of the most respected writers of Odin's Nation. Written for youngsters to understand, this is a useful introduction to the Eddas for our children that you can find. This book is richly illustrated and contains stories ranging from the creation to Ragnarok.
ALU - An Advanced Guide to Operative Runolgy
by Edred Thorsson.  Weiser Books softcover, 256 pages. 
While most runic books focus on their use in divination, ALU goes much more deeply to the heart of the matter; how to use the runes for practical applications in line with their holistic social, cultural, and spiritual context.  It also compares the major runic systems, how to make bind runes, compose runic formulas, and much more.  A perfect companion to Futhark.‚Äč
The Secret of the Runes
Guido Von List, Destiny Books. Edited and translated with an extensive introduction by Dr. Stephen Flowers. Written by one of the true rune masters of the early twentieth century. This book offers an introduction to List's basic ideas and sets a firm foundation for modern runic study based on the younger futhark and the 18 Armanen system. Softcover, 14 pages.
Gisli Sursson's Saga and the Saga of the People of Eyri
Martin S. Regal and Judy Quinn translation, 247 pages. At last in print, on of the most talked about Sagas, which is quite descriptive of the old ways of the Asatru of Iceland. You will learn of blood oaths, murder, revenge, and yet mor murder and revenge. The saga covers the lives of several enerations of the Western Fjords as well as maps and narratives of ancient customs and religious belief.
The Rituals of Asatru volume One - Major Blots
A detailed guide to blots in honor of Odin, Thor, Frey, Freya, Tyr, Firgga, Balder, and the Alfar.
The Masks of Odin
Elsa-Brita Titchenell. Theosophical University Press softcover, 294 pages. This highly acclaimed work delves into the mechanics of myth to reinforce the validity of the myth makers from a scientific perspective. Included in this work are translations of the Havamal, Voluspa, the Lay of Rig, the Lay of Grimner, the Lay of Odin's Corpse (which is not included in most translations of the Eddas) and many other sacred passages
King Harald's Saga
Snorri Sturluson, Penguin Classices softcover, 180 pages. Recounts the life and exploits of the previer Viking Warrior King.
Vinland Saga
Paulsson & Magnusson translation, Penguin softcover. This important saga recounts the tale of the discovery and colonization of both Greenland and Vinland. This is probably the most studied and debated of all the sagas. It is certainly the most readable and studied and debated of all the sagas.
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Northern Mysteries and Magic
Freya Aswynn, Llewellyn Publications. Softcover, 251 pages. This runic text is written from the unique perspective of a female vitki who has an international following. This the the expanded version fot he original Leaves of Yggdrasil written by Aswynn in 1988 and covers even more detail of the runes, esoteric magic and the lessons learned from the Havamal and the Eddas.
The Northern Crusades
Christiansen, Penguin History, softcover, 287 pages. Theconverted military and economic campaign launched against the last of the Heathen tribes of Northern Europe which lasted for hundreds of years and inflicted hundreds of thousands of casualities. This heroic tale of the heroism of the Polish and Lithuanian peoples is a must-read.
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