Thor's Hammers

Thor's hammers come supplied with chain and oathring (where applicable).
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Irminsul pendant (H26)
aprox. 1" tall - Irminsul - the representation of the World Tree
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Large Arch Hammer (H316)
Museum replica, aproximately 3" wide
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Swedish Hammer (H106)
Very ornate hammer that weighs in at a full ounce!  1 1/2 inches long
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Odin's Wolf head - accent bead (H62)
Accent ritual wear, braid into hair/beards, or add to a necklace chain.
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knotwork hammer replica (H313)

Substantial, detailed hammer based on several different museum pieces.  1 1/2" tall by 1 3/8" wide.


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Valknut (H98)
1 1/4 inches long,
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AlThing Hammer (H121)
This beautiful commemorative hammer was cast in honor of Sveinbjorn Beintiensson.  It is a contemporary design featuring the Tyr rune of the Asatru Alliance, and "AlThing" spelled in runes above a small sunwheel.  1 1/8 inches long.
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Eagles head with Sunwheel (H41)
Contemporary design, 1 3/8 in long
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