Othilafolk are those who make contributions to The Asatru Alliance to promote the future of the Asatru people for the building of Hofs and spiritual centers.


* Ken Krill
* Valgard Murray
* Mitchell Zebrowski
* Tina LeBouthillier
* Mike Dodd
* Jack Lower
* Linda Lower


The Asatru Alliance is working to build a community Temple-Hof in every State and Province in the United States and Canada, to practice and promote the religion of Asatru and strengthen the ethnic community.


The building of this first Temple-Hof will show the Asatru Alliance as a credible Religious organization, which knows how to accomplish our goals. This will lead to more support for the building of our future Temple-Hofs. The first one to be built will be in the south western United States.


1. Raise funds to purchase land, construct and operate the Asatru Temple-Hofs.
2. Fund and operate a school for the Asatru community.

Functions of the Asatru Temple-Hofs

1. Practice and promote The Religion Asatru.
2. Operate a bookstore.
3. Operate publishing Hof.
4. Provide meeting places for Community Function.
5. Represent the Asafolk Community and its resolve to grow and prosper.
6. School for the Asatru community.

Your contributions are completely tax deductible.