AlThing 42 Report

Althing 42 was held in the Pacific Northwest once again, this time in the mountains of Oregon hosted by Draupnir Kindred

What you find here is an abbreviation of the full report - for complete details, please see the next issue of VorTru which will include Pictures!

The folk began to arrive on site on Wodansdag, and were greeted with mild weather after long jouneys for many. Magni and Angela from Draupnir Kindred were already busy setting up in the lovely campgrounds they found for the folk. Representatives from Gladheim, the Arizona Kindred, Hvitulfrheim, Wolves of Midgard, Eagle Kindred of Idaho, and Southeast Kindred were all early arrivals. Hvitulfrheim Kindred and Blood Eagle Kindred were not far behind.

After a night's well deserved rest, the folk got things up and running on Thorsdag. The folk also welcomed guests, including an amazing artist (and old friend of Valgard's), as well as a family group from nearby in Oregon who had been in communication and were interested in possibly entering as a formational kindred.
Hoopie (Idunna) set up shop next to the Alliance shop, and introduced the folk to the Norn's Corner project that she, Siggy (Jenniffer) and Saga had been brainstorming for a while now: to provide a maker space for craftspeople in the Alliance to offer some of their items to the folk.

The Tyr blot preceded the opening session of the Thing, and the seating of the delegates for the weekend's business. The night's feast was amazing Pulled Pork sandwiches prepared by the cooks.

Friggasdag started with continued pleasant weather, and good fellowship. The Second business session of the Thing started with a slight change of order: as due to a miscommunication, some folks had been told to have information ready on Saturday rather than Friday. The delegates agreed to hold a brief third session, rather than completing all the 'usual' business on Friday.
Ladies from several kindreds joined together to lead a unique Friggablot. The skaldic presentation was amazing durring our dinner break!
The annual Mead Contest went off smoothly, sadly with fewer than normal entries. Our brewers need some motivation folks!

Saturday started with a hearty breakfast for all. The Viking Games did well under the gentle weather, with even Clayton getting involved.
The final Thing session convened, and the business at hand addressed. Berkana Kindred, which had advanced to probational status previously, advanced to full voting member. Alliance Guild structure and requirements were codified. A process for 'leadership coverage' in the event of emergency absence was also adopted into tribal law. We also welcomed a new formational Kindred to the family, and Roseburg Kindred of Oregon found a home.
Voting for a location for Althing 43 passed unanimously to return to our usual 'stomping grounds' in Arizona next year.
Durring the event, messages from Valgard as well as from Ottar and Skogl were provided. Not only did we miss them, they missed being with us.

Saturday continued with another great evening feast, and the presentation of awards
The raffle and auction followed, with the folk raising a goodly sum for the Alliance General Fund, as well as for WorldTree and the Health and Welfare funds.

Sunnasdag morning came all too soon, and after our traditional Spam Breakfast feast, the gathered folk dispersed back home, with plans to meet again already on their minds.